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Question Everything

Question Everything

It's really easy to sit back and let things happen when they seem to be going well. When you’re happy, you can focus more pressing or important matters. But is that the right way to be? Is something “going well” really good enough? Should you be doing more to make it even better? Or should you be more inquisitive just to understand how something works?

Just a few weeks ago, I told myself that I would start to question things more often. And in my annoying way, I have stuck to it. I’ve asked myself the dumbest questions, from “How can I optimize my desk setup?” to “Why do I keep my To Do List on paper? Should I try something new?” These very vague questions have led to further questions, discussion (or maybe internal dialogue), and changes. And if I don’t get to an answer I ask more questions. I’m investigating my life, my choices, and even my opinions. And I’m not only learning more about me, I’m learning about a broad range of topics. Dare I say I’m making myself smarter?

It sounds groundbreaking, I know (sarcasm implied). The questions I am asking myself are boring to you, but they’ve helped me change some simple things in my life—from the way things in my house and office are organized to the way I work—better, more efficient. Asking more questions is also giving me good practice. In my work I need to ask questions, understand decisions and processes, and question them again. The more comfortable I am asking questions, the more comfortable I will be providing solutions. Plus, I never want to stop learning—about myself, my surroundings, and topics that interest me. If I continue to ask questions, I think I’ll make a breakthrough in my work and in my life.

Maybe you should try it too. Why not?