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Love your work

Love your work

It took me about 6 years and 3 jobs to realize that I wasn't fully happy with my work. Sure, I was working on great projects with really nice, smart people, but I wasn't in a role where I could do my best work. It wasn't until someone told me I should be a PM that I actually realized what I was meant to do. Ever since, I've found this drive to be a better project manager and help others be better as well. Now that I'm an independent consultant, I've made this a central goal for myself and my business. After all, this industry needs confident, happy digital project managers.

As a consultant, I'm helping companies to improve their project processes and communications, but I'm also offering one-on-one coaching services. A DPM can make or break profitability, set the tone for team and customer happiness, and they can facilitate processes that work. None of this comes over night, even for a seasoned project manager in a new role. We all need someone to turn to when we are facing an issue, want advice, or just need to vent. With some guidance, a good Digital PM can be great, and I would love to be the person to offer it.

So how would it work? Through a monthly retainer, I'm providing regular coaching through structured meetings and on an ad hoc basis to provide advice, direction, and encouragement. I'll take my clients under my wing and help them on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Estimating project and task time
  • Writing solid scopes of work
  • Creating reports to share overall data on project health
  • Understanding stakeholders
  • Best practices for project planning
  • Conducting project management research
  • Being confident with clients and not being afraid of difficult conversations
  • Working with a variety of personalities and backgrounds—from creative to technical
  • Taking stellar meeting notes (and sharing!)

I'm excited for the opportunity to work with a variety of project managers to help find what their best qualities, and work on the things they can improve on. It's kind of crazy, because at the same time, I'll get to do what I love. It's a win-win.

If you're interested in working with me, please get in touch.