Hey, let's work together.

I've been working as an independent consultant and coach for 10 years, helping creative and technology-focused teams to improve creative project delivery, account management, and client retention by evolving communication, collaboration, and culture.

In 2024, I partnered with my pal Greg Storey to form Same Team Partners. Together, we're working with creative teams to untangle their problems. Check out our 2024 Capabilities Deck for more about what we do. The TL;DR on that is:

  • Coaching & Advising for individuals and teams
  • Diagnostics & Assessments to uncover problems and roadmap a clearer future
  • Facilitation & Workshops to enrich teams through collaboration
  • Interim Leadership for organizations that need a part-time leader

Remarks from a few previous clients

"Brett has been my leadership coach for two years. We approached him to strengthen our operational processes and develop me as a leader who could successfully implement them. With his background and history, he explained the many growth pains we felt, which helped us discover solutions while mitigating risks. Together we developed actionable goals and measurables that were flexible enough to scale but structured to keep their impact. He built my confidence by being confident in me and my ability to lead and manage a team. Brett actively listens to understand. He is very fair, and full of integrity. He is also just a lot of fun and easy to work with. 12/10 would recommend." 

— Sonya Palmer. VP of Operations, Rankings
“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brett as a project management mentor. His experience and clever problem solving techniques were extremely valuable. Brett also provided me a wealth of resources to pull from.”

— Paul Danaher, Project Manager, Essentia
“The opportunity to speak with someone with so much knowledge was a massive value add to my professional development. If you have the opportunity to work with him, do it!”

— Jennifer Antunes, Projects Director, PaperLeaf