Practical, Human-centered project leadership.

A lot goes into managing a project efficiently, and it’s not all about project methodology and tools. It’s about the people behind the projects, and how you facilitate their success. While accurate estimates and well-written plans are critical to that success, so is a clear and empathetic approach to communications with teams and stakeholders.

Brett Harned is a leader in the digital project management space with over 20 years of experience working in respected agencies like Razorfish and Happy Cog, delivering processes and communication tactics that work not only for projects, but for the people involved.

Whether you’re looking to improve your organization's project management game, or partner with a team of web and iOS experts to lead your next big digital project, Brett can help. 

Let’s get your teams aligned and your projects on track.


Explore your process, communications, tools, and everything inbetween to ensure your team's projects are successful, efficient, profitable, and fun.


Looking to up your PM game or provide support to a PM on your team? Let’s talk about personal and organizational goals and act on them together.


Tap into Brett and his team of talented web and iOS designers to take on your next big project, and rest assured that your project will delight.


Customized workshops to educate and align your teams around critical topics to make your projects and teams run smoothly.


"Brett has been my leadership coach for two years. We approached him to strengthen our operational processes and develop me as a leader who could successfully implement them. With his background and history, he explained the many growth pains we felt, which helped us discover solutions while mitigating risks. Together we developed actionable goals and measurables that were flexible enough to scale but structured to keep their impact. He built my confidence by being confident in me and my ability to lead and manage a team. Brett actively listens to understand. He is very fair, and full of integrity. He is also just a lot of fun and easy to work with. 12/10 would recommend." - Sonya Palmer,

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brett as a project management mentor. His experience and clever problem solving techniques were extremely valuable. Brett also provided me a wealth of resources to pull from.” - Paul Danaher, Essentia

"Brett is the project manager you want on your project. He has a gift for clear and direct communication, keeping things moving along smoothly. His methods encourage collaboration across disciplines and stamping out inefficiencies in process." 
- Lisa McClelland Hoppes, Comcast


The Book

Project management—it’s not just about following a template or using a tool, but rather developing personal skills and intuition to find a method that works for everyone. I wrote this book to help everyone manage projects like a pro. So, whether you’re a designer or a manager, Project Management for Humans will help you estimate and plan tasks, scout and address issues before they become problems, and communicate with and hold people accountable. 

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Brett was one of the first to write about digital project management, and it started right here. That writing led to being published in several publications globally, as well as his book Project Management for Humans, which was published by Rosenfeld Media in July 2017. Brett also served as the Director of Education at TeamGantt and developed tons of educational content


Brett founded and organizes the Digital PM Summit, the first conference for digital PMs. He has also spoken internationally at conferences like SXSW, Future of Web Design, Mobicof, and more. He also hosted dozens of independent workshops and has curated and hosted Ground Control and Deliver Conference.

Want to talk about project management? Get in touch.