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I've been following Paul Boag for some time and have admired his work from across the pond. I first met him at DPM:UK where he presented on Digital Adaptation. I really enjoyed his energy on stage. Not only is the guy whip-smart, he's a true entertainer. Immediately, I knew I wanted him to speak at the Digital PM Summit.

So I asked. And he declined.

But with the insistent (and possibly obnoxious?) help of Sam Barnes and his use of ALL CAPS and strangely funny animated gifs. I was able to recruit Paul. Unfortunately, he came all the way to Austin and came down with some sort of bug. But I was able to show him some good Austin eateries and make fun of his brand new (giant) iPhone 6+. And in spite of being sick the day of his session, he gave a great presentation. Again, I was thrilled to have Paul there. Not only does he speak on relevant topics for DPMs, he completely supports our Digital PM community. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Not long after the Summit, Paul asked me to record his podcast with him. I was thrilled, to say the least. Between the time when he asked and we recorded, the two of us left our jobs and found new career paths. Of course, his is not in PM like mine, but we've both gone independent. So this interview was an interesting one for me, because he caught me early in my new adventure. I'm still on that adventure, and I'm really loving it. My work with the Bureau of Digital and my work with new and exciting clients continues. So does my desire to continue to talk about and help digital project managers. We talked about all of that. Give a listen if you're interested!


Thanks to Paul and Marcus for not only having me on, but for saying such nice things about me. I'm flattered and honored, even if they did take a stab at my titles—previous and current. 😉

* The featured image at the top of this article was illustrated by Veerle Pieters and is taken from Paul's book, Digital Adaptation, which is available through Smashing Books.