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Finding Inspiration

I've been blogging here for over a year now. The amount of content may not match up with the span of time, but hey, I do what I can do. I also manage projects, remember? But here's the thing, my ideas are starting to find their way on to other sites, and it's exciting!

I am really happy to say that an article I posted here a while back was recently featured on pmhut. The response to that article, through the blog and other channels, has been really awesome. In fact, it has totally inspired me to write more. I have been talking to a few other publishers about new articles and reuse of some of my current content, which is really cool. Honestly, I never expected more people than my mom to read this stuff. Actually, I don't even think she reads it (and really, not that many people do).

So what's the point? Why am I telling you this without actually naming the other publishers? The point is: a little positive feedback can go a long way. Remember that when you're working with your project teams. A simple "nice job" not only makes people feel good, it inspires them to do better, or do more. And that's all we want out of our careers, good work to show.

When my next non-blog articles are published, I'll post links to them here. I won't be looking for a pat on the back, but a comment, argument or response blog will certainly continue the conversation. A dialogue about what we do, or how we represent our profession is always a good thing, as long as you keep it respectful. So with that, I ask that you send me your ideas, or links to articles, images, presentations, or other things that inspire you. My list of topics is not never-ending, and I would love some input. Thanks!