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An update on #dpm2014

An update on #dpm2014

2014-06-03 11.48.29 amThe past few months have been very busy and extremely rewarding. I'm happy to have three more Digital PM Workshops under my belt. I've had the opportunity to meet a ton of friendly, talented digital project managers in Austin, Portland, and Minneapolis. At the same time, I've been working with the Bureau of Digital Affairs team to plan the 2014 Digital PM Summit. I'm elated with the plans so far!

Curating the Agenda

Last year we packed 2 full days with breakout sessions and keynote speakers. Because the subject matter is fairly new as a topic in our industry, I called on people who were non-PMs who could speak authoritatively on subjects like collaboration, process, budgets, etc. It wasn't easy, and what we ended up with was a great lineup of presentations and conversations about clients, projects, and managing teams. This year while curating, I made it my goal to recruit a better mix of PM-specific speakers and industry leaders. While talking to potential speakers about the agenda, I made it a point to ask them to present on topics that range from inspiring to 100% tactical. So, people will not only be excited to go back to work, they'll have a ton of tips, tools, and tricks for when they hit their projects after the conference. I'm pretty happy with the outcome and can't wait to see how it all comes together.

The Location

Last year, we held the conference close to home...blocks away from our office here in Philadelphia. WHYY was a great venue, but it was small and we pushed our limits for the event. Given the fact that interest is high and we had a 200+ person waitlist, we figured we should go bigger. And while we're at it, why not look at other options? So, we're going to Austin! Man, do I love that city. If you've never been, it's a must-visit. There is a ton to see and do, and it'll likely be very warm. Plus, we're in a hotel this year, so everything will be close together. We're planning parties and meet ups as well, so there will be plenty of opportunities to network with fellow attendees.

A Place for Digital Project Managers to Obsess About Everything

We get it. Digital PMs face a whole added set of problems when it comes to our unique projects. So, whether you're a process nerd who wants to figure out better ways to run responsive design projects, a lover of all things design and UX, or running an agile application development project, you'll find something that suits you. So, check out the conference and think about attending. It's going to be informative, and best of all, fun. See you in October!