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What's your outlet?

ImageLast week I talked a bit about dealing with stress. I've been thinking more about that, and I have come to the conclusion that another way I deal with work-related stress is through my more creative outlets. I'm a project manager, but I've got other interests. I work in a creative industry because I enjoy it. Thus, I do more "creative" things on my time off (when I am not playing baby dolls with my daughters).

Here's a funny fact: I often pursue work-related things to fulfill my creative urge. Like writing. I love writing this blog, but I am not going to lie. It can get stressful coming up with topics that I think are worthwhile publishing. And I tend to over-think everything. So it becomes less fun! I'm throwing that out the window this year. You'll see a mix of article types and conversation starters here. Hopefully you will see a more long-form articles here too, but I've also got some other projects coming up. I'll post links here.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue my non-work related pursuits as well. I love photography and stopped that for a while, because I got lazy. It's time to get back into it. I've also always loved drawing. I should break out my old sketch books (I've also been using Paper on my iPad). Why not? My kids love it when I draw with them. They also make me feel like I am the most amazing artist in the world (kids are so great for the occasional ego boost...and the opposite).

These things will fill my time, and keep me sane. So tell me, project managers, what is your outlet?