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May 19, 2013 - 2 comments

No Project Managers! A Q&A with Jay Fanelli of Full Stop and United Pixelworkers

ImageJay Fanelli is the co-founder and creative muscle behind Pittsburgh web shop Full Stop and trans-national fake union and t-shirt emporium United Pixelworkers. I'm always impressed by Jay's work and entrepreneurial spirit. Also, he's a fellow Pennsylvanian. 

The man is clearly doing something right: he's managing a design shop and running a successful company, and has lots of other product ideas to work on. All with zero project management. When I realized this, I had to know more about the operations and the magic that Jay and his partners make. 

I sent Jay an interview a while back, fully expecting that he'd be too busy to work through it with me. I'm totally grateful for the time he took on this, and really impressed by the result. Read on for some great insight on running businesses, managing products, and the PM instinct. Read more