Motivation First

I’ve been reading (and seeing) a lot of articles lately about productivity: How to be more productive, productivity killers, how managers can be more productive, how to help your employees to be more productive, and so on. Each article is full of really good tips on how to manage your day. Each article is written from the […]

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Love your work

It took me about 6 years and 3 jobs to realize that I wasn’t fully happy with my work. Sure, I was working on great projects with really nice, smart people, but I wasn’t in a role where I could do my best work. It wasn’t until someone told me I should be a PM that […]

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Question Everything

It’s really easy to sit back and let things happen when they seem to be going well. When you’re happy, you can focus more pressing or important matters. But is that the right way to be? Is something “going well” really good enough? Should you be doing more to make it even better? Or should […]

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Have you heard about DPM:UK yet? It’s a one day conference for digital project managers held in Manchester, England. I was happy to be a part of it last year. I gave my “Be a Better PM” talk and got some really nice reviews. Well, this year is looking to be amazing as well, and […]

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Blogging every day in 2015

I start every year with a new goal or “resolution” in mind. Truth be told: I typically give up on that goal by February. Mainly because I get easily distracted, caught up with work, or just plain old lazy. Not this year, my friends. It’s only December 15 and I’m looking toward 2015 with a […]

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Recognize DPM

It’s not often that Digital PMs are recognized for the jobs. But that’s okay—we’re the people behind-the-scenes who help to make great things happen. Every so often, though, a team member or client will recognize the value of a great DPM. That typically happens when a site launches on time, or when they compare your project against […]

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The Adventure Continues

I started this blog just six short (and extremely jam-packed) months after working for Happy Cog. I had many “adventures” in the world of project management before I joined the team, but I had never thought to write or speak about it. The inspiration to set up this blog came directly from my wonderful experiences […]

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