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August 21, 2014 - No Comments!


Are you on twitter? If not, sign up now! Twitter is a great resource for project managers. You'll find experts sharing their advice, articles, blog posts, event information, and more. Plus, there is a weekly "event" on Twitter called PM Chat where project managers from all industries gather and talk about specific topics. Tomorrow's topic will be Digital Project Management, and I've been asked to co-host.

So, log on to Twitter tomorrow and look for questions and responses from @pmchat @brettharned (me) and @G0GetterVette (co-host) and also follow the #pmchat hashtag to watch other responses come in. Here's a sampling of questions:

1.) What kinds of projects do you manage?
2.) How is managing digital projects different from other industries?
3.) How important is project leadership in your industry? (Technical knowledge vs. soft skills)
4.) Are the PMs in this industry PMI-certified? Do companies require certification? What can compensate for lack of experience?
5.) What tips can you give to new PMs who want to go the digital industry or to experienced PMs who would like to jump into the digital industry?
Your responses have to be'll certainly be a challenge, but it's fun and a good way to hear quick points of view on varying topics. So join us tomorrow at Noon Eastern/11am Central on Twitter.


August 1, 2014 - No Comments!

When Digital PMs Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Real

2014-08-01 11.34.00 amI’m really looking forward to joining my friend Rachel Gertz on a Louder Than Ten Q&A on August 15 at 3pm EDT. This project that Rachel and Travis Gertz have come up with is great, because it provides another platform for digital project managers to talk more about their work and share and exchange ideas in real-time. Sure, Twitter and blog Q&As are great, but a live chat with interactive audience questions takes it to the next level. It makes it more timely, relevant, and fun.

Of course we’re going to talk about digital PM topics, but we’ve both agreed to just being real. Anyone can talk about tools, process, and blah blah blah…and we do. But this time, we’re going to dig deeper and talk about what makes us tick, not just as digital PMs, but as people. How do you deal with the pressure of projects, personalities, conflict? What makes you you? And how does that impact your work? The tough stuff. The Real stuff.

So, RSVP, submit a question or two, and get to know us. It’s all about this community, man. We’re waiting here with arms outstretched.

April 2, 2014 - 2 comments

The Digital Project Management Conversation Continues

A few years ago I thought no one cared about project management, or at least taking about how we operate successful projects. That's basically why I started this blog. I wanted to start a conversation, or at least be a part of it. But things are changing, and it's great. Over the past year or so, I'm seeing some amazing contributions to the discussion about how we manage our projects. People from all over the web industry—with specialties in design, development, and PM—are speaking and writing about better ways to get work done. We're seeing conferences and talks pop up all over about the topic, and industry publications are devoting more space to topics relevant to project management. That's right, folks, project management is here to stay, and net magazine is a publication that's willing to publish articles and opinions about it. Read more