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Project Management Master Class: Improve Your Communication Skills

I just presented a free webinar on the topic of communications for TeamGantt. Here is a description of the session:

Impress leadership with your excellent communication skills In just 45 minutes, you’ll learn how to create easy-to-maintain communication routines that can be used in all your projects. We’ll share real-world examples that have helped project managers from every industry. Learn how to create communication routines that make your job easier and save you time. Discover how set up communication channels that keep teams accountable and happy. Craft a communication plan that works for clients, team members, and stakeholders.

A link to the slides is below, and if you joined the webinar, you'll have access to the recording. Take a look and feel free to leave questions in the comments section.

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December 14, 2017 at 12:30 pm

Hello Brett!
Thank you for this great webinar! Our company is small but growing and we are struggling unifying as a team around our PM and utilizing a digital platform. I would like to rewatch your webinar but can’t find the link? Has it been shared yet? I saw that you have multiple videos on Speaker deck are those available to rewatch too?

    January 19, 2018 at 11:54 am

    Sorry, I think TeamGantt sent the video right after the webinar. But it’s safe to say that there will be more soon! Keep an eye out.
    The speaker deck links are not videos, just the slides.

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