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Blogging every day in 2015

every day dpm logoI start every year with a new goal or "resolution" in mind. Truth be told: I typically give up on that goal by February. Mainly because I get easily distracted, caught up with work, or just plain old lazy. Not this year, my friends. It's only December 15 and I'm looking toward 2015 with a big goal in mind: I'm going to write more.

So how do I have it covered already?  Rachel Gertz and I launched a new blog today. It's called Every Day DPM, and our goal is to post helpful, fun, and fascinating content to you every damn day for one whole year. We're not talking about all long-form content, but just enough to whet your whistle and provide that little push you need to get through the day, or maybe just to learn something new. It used to be that there wasn't much for Digital PMs on the web. Well, that has changed. Check out our first post and follow us on Twitter to catch the daily updates starting on January 1, 2015.

Oh and don't miss the creepy/amazing photo on our about page.

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